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Create ICML and HTML files from a styled docx manuscript file.

  • The ICML is the content of the inDesing project that will originate the print publication
  • The HTML is the content of the Website project


  • updatable: changes to the manuscript are propagated to the outputs
  • reusable: structure (headings, bloque quotes) and paragraphs styles (bold, italics) are maintained from manuscript to outputs


By Using Pandoc

pandoc: is a software for converting text between different markups

Pandoc diagram.png

Hybrid Publishing Editor

However Pandoc's text-based interface can be challenging to use to those unused to use the terminal.

Luckily there are a few Web interfaces to Pandoc, such as Hybrid Publishing Editor by Michael Murtaugh


Updatable Website

How to integrating changing content & website creation?

Our problem: like in inDesign we want to work on the identity and navigation of our website, while keeping the content updatable.

inDesign addresses this issue with the use of chapter styles.

How can it work for the website creation?

Website-inner outer.svg